Approve Buff on Class Resets Stats

Issue: Approve Buff on Class Resets Stats
Crash (y/n): N
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
When you go into the Design window, select a class, and go to the “stats” pane, you can see a demands for buffs and nerfs. If you click the buff button, your developers suggest a Buff which you can approve or deny. Selecting Approve doesn’t actually set the approved number but instead resets it.

In the following pictures, Strike has a Target Health of -1.1. I approve a buff to -1.2. It is reset to -1.0.



Found it! When applying proposed buffs/nerfs, it was rounding off the final value to the nearest integer. Fix is ready for the next build.

Previously, this whole system used integers, but I felt like there was too much of a jump going from ‘1’ to ‘2’, and I wanted some space in the middle. In retrospect, maybe it would make more sense to just use bigger numbers to start with, so you might have ‘10’ instead of ‘1’, and can then use ‘11’ if you just want to bump it up a little, instead of needing ‘1.1’. Dunno. It doesn’t really make any real difference, apart from how it feels to the user.