Apologies for general quiet!

Over the last week, a couple of different things have come up, which have temporarily slowed down MMORPG Tycoon 2 development.

First, I’ve been hit pretty hard by seasonal allergies. I’ve had allergies all my life, up until a few years back when they seemed to have gone away. But now they’re hitting me again, hard. Not fun!

Second, a couple friends are getting ready to put their game up on Early Access, and I’ve been helping them out in their final push. (Those of you who have friended me on Steam may have seen me playing it, when I forgot to set myself as ‘offline’ before starting it up). I’d post a link to something about their game, but all their public marketing materials are years old. Better to wait another week or two and point you at updated stuff that’ll come along with the Early Access!

And… um… Shenzen I/O just went up on Early Access; it’s the latest thing from Zachtronics. Zachtronics games are pretty much my kryptonite, in terms of getting any productive work done. If you’re an old-school programmer, you likely know what I mean. Shenzen I/O is a little like TIS-100, in that it’s a game entirely about programming machines using a fictitious assembly language. Which should, all by itself, pretty much already tell you whether it’s something you’ll love or hate.

Speaking of which, I played through Event [0] earlier in the week, which is a short narrative-focused game about being trapped on a spaceship with a slightly malfunctioning AI computer, implemented as a chatbot that you can type to. I still haven’t unpicked my feelings about the game; whether it’s merely a well-produced bit of fluff with a chatbot as a gimmick, or whether there’s some deeper thoughtfulness going on, here. But either way, these guys have the best keyboard sounds I’ve ever heard, when you’re typing on these chunky old terminals to talk with the chatbot. If Zachtronics ever picked up those chunky keyboard sounds and integrated them into one of their games, I’d likely be lost forever.

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So… a month ago I mentioned a thing that I was going to wait a week to reveal. And… then I sort of forgot to follow up on it. Oops! But better late than never:

Rogue Singularity is a procedurally-generated and speedrunner-friendly 3D platformer, developed by Considerable Content, a company which operates out of the same co-working space as me.

Since I have a lot of experience implementing this type of game, they got me to freelance on their game for a while; I basically wrote the camera, much of the player control, all of the powerups, and the final version of the level generation system. Also a bunch of other stuff.

But it’s totally their game. :innocent:

If you’re into this twitchy-arcade-action sort of game, consider buying a copy! I think it’s pretty neat. If not, no worries; MT2 is still on the way! (note that I have no financial stake in Rogue Singularity; I was paid by the hour to work on it, and have no share in the game’s profits, and haven’t actually worked on it in a few months. Also note that Rogue Singularity is currently in Early Access, and I understand that it’s still under active development as it moves toward full release.)

Anyhow, I have two more big mechanics I want to finish implementing in MT2, and then that’ll be milestone 13, and I’ll start inviting the next round of testers. I’m hoping to reach that point soon!