Any plans for fast travel?

Wondered if there are any plans to set up fast travel points for subscribers to use to get around a little faster? Could have it be that they have to discover the point first before they use it.

Yep! Fast travel was a feature which was supposed to be added for milestone 15 (the one that’s coming in a few days), but it didn’t get completed in time; it turned out to complicate pathfinding a lot more than I’d expected! So I’ve pushed it back to milestone 16.

Here’s a quick shot of the first revision of its model (this is just a quick snapshot of the model in Blender, not using in-game shaders or anything):

This will basically work like all buildings in the game; subscribers won’t know about them until they first travel near them, or until someone tells them about it in conversation, or until they check an online guide for their region. Once a subscriber knows about two or more fast travel points of the same type, they’ll be able to travel between them.

There will be a few different “flying mount” fast travel points, and I’m also considering teleporters (although teleporters are much less visually interesting, so maybe I’ll ignore them, even though a bunch of MMORPGs do use them). Other fast-travel ideas are very welcome, too!

I’d also like to have something like the ships/zeppelins from World of Warcraft, where fixed vessels move around between destinations and can be used to travel… but that’s even more complicated, in terms of pathfinding. Maybe I just ignore the whole “and I’ll probably have to wait around for a while if I’m going to travel by ship” thing, during the pathfinding calculation…


That’s awesome thanks for the response :smiley: