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Hi folks! Apologies for not talking about this earlier; I’ve been kind of head-down on the Party Update (the next big update for MT2) for much longer than I really intended; It turned out to be a lot more technically challenging than I expected – our AI systems were not designed with close coordination between players in mind, so it’s been a bit of a struggle to make them all work together!

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Appreciate you sharing all that info with us.
I personaly think “Combat 2.0” should be before factions and dungeons, that would make those fight way more interesting.

Loving ur game since start of EA, cant wait to play new updates…
Thanks for all the work man <3

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Glad to hear! Looking forward to the party update a lot!

Combat 2.0 sounds amazing as well, any chance it will also see buffs in addition to debuffs?

One more thing I’ve been thinking about thats bugging me, I dont know if this is just me being inept or lazy, but often when I design abilities and classes its hard to follow up on what abilities the AI uses and how they perform, other than manually chasing them around and looking at the ability animations to determine which ones get used and which doesnt. Sure, you get the rating and the calls to buff/nerf, but it can be kinda hard to tell why exactly and which abilities are causing problems. I’ve made classes that struggle to deal with mobs, but since one of their abilities is a self heal of some kind the rating is still sky high.

In the future, if possible, it would be such a quality of life thing if there was a report showing how often different abilities are used, how much dps/hps they provide and perhaps even a reason to why theyre not being used more in cases where the AI wont use them (I’ve noticed for instance that any ability that does self-damage drops the imagined power level of the class a lot, while any self healing will pump its rating through the roof).

Loving the game nonetheless and hope you’re doing ok with the whole covid thing!