All entrances are obstructed and NPCs keep wandering off

I’ve started playing MMORPG tycoon 2 and when I made my first level two area and placed all the buildings they said “Entrance Obstructed” or something similar to that. I saw this and brushed it off thinking it wouldn’t matter I also placed down some NCPs but when i placed them they would wander away from the place I put them. (Like FAR away) Also when my players would get to the new area they would immediately log off except for a small few who would all also eventually log off soon after. If anyone has any answer for these bugs they would very appreciated.

If any of them are unsubscribing, can you use the unsubscribe complaint button in reports to see what their problem is?

You should only get “entrance obstructed” if another building blocks access to the side of the building where the door is. Have you tested if it helps to rotate the buildings?