AI Systems (Devblog)

At the very innermost core of MMORPG Tycoon 2 are its AI systems; AI which determines how its simulated players act, and what they most want to do in any given circumstance.

This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at Hey it woud be cool if you coud implement these player types with diffrent ammounts of immportance for the needs so you can decide what to build and how to develop Mayby add tech trees for ingame features and proggression (for exampel Chatbox give x Procnt social player plus)or unlocking buildings like guild forrtres or something(sorry for bad english)

so you can make flow managment for better results raising the skill celling

Already planned, and partly implemented! In fact, if you open up the Info panel for a player, it’ll tell you their Bartle classification right now. And this is supposed to affect how players are rewarded for particular actions… although I can’t seem to find that code right now, so maybe it got lost during an AI update at some point; I’ll have to make sure it works and is obvious!

Most of the game’s “tech tree” hasn’t actually been implemented yet, but if you’re testing the game you can see the planned-to-be-available technologies when you upgrade to v1.0.0 (or if you reach them, v2.0.0 or other major versions). Support for “Parties” and “Guilds” will make you more attractive to Socialiser-types, “Badges” and “Leaderboards” are attractive to Achiever-types, “History”, “Landmarks”, and some others are more for Explorer-types, and of course, the Killers like PvP Combat and Arenas.

If you have specific ideas for technologies that would attract or repel particular player types, I’d love to hear about them! The list of technologies needs to be much longer than it is right now, so any suggestions would be great!

Guild Hall Achievers and socialists
professions killers achievers
Arenas Killers
Hub worlds
These quests to do when you made evrything/specil armor os
Secrets achivers
Pvp arenas /coop/pve/other like tower defendse
Things for quests
CO Op Quests
Learning (explores) like learning weak points

Leadar bords
New game plus