AI-player competence

i had quite a lot of unsubs for “i keep dying”, so i nerfed the mobs and voila, the unsub value went down, until it did start to rise again.

my question now is if there is some kind of evolution going on: will a game that is harder lose all players with no and low skill eventually… and will an easy game attract more and more incompetence until even a very easy game will lead to players unsubbing for “keep dying”?

in other words: is there an optimum solution that is set in stone or is the system more flexible? if so: it would be great to get a feedback what kind of game ppl think our game is … ie: hard or easy … plus a information what ppl want right now (which might change over time)

and is there an opposite threshold for a game that is too easy? Right now I have the feeling that making the game easy as eating pie will result in the maximum amount of subs.

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I think the problem that would arise if all players were special little snowflakes was that they’d blow through content faster. How I look at it is as long as I get more subs then unsubs I’m fine, I’ve had like 1/6th of my peeps unsub and I don’t miss them. It’s been 2 months and they still haven’t left the starting zone lol.

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yea. if i look to levels it looks quite quadratic in nature … most of my players (in a 1-9 lvl setup) stuck in lvl 3.

its not strange that you might see a peek somewhere, but i expected that this would move like a wave … meaning the peek would move from lvl1 to lvl 2 to lvl 3 and so until most players would sit in the endgame. but this is not what happens, not at all. as you say: it looks like there is some kind of tendency to stuck on in a level and dont progress at all … this might have something to do with socialising … if the chance that someone socialises depends on player density, a overcrowded zone will have the problem to never be anything but overcrowded, because this tendency will impede progression.

hm … this should be a topic on its own … be right back :smiley:

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