AI / neural networks in players?

most new players in a mmorpg are stupid, but become quite expert in the later game, mostly if they have to, because the game is hard.

Our little players remain pretty much the same, as far as I can see.

What about a simple neural network that is shared within the class?

Meaning: players would start with the skills they have right now, which are scripted, I guess. “see questgiver → go questgiver, take quest” “see mob → use atk with highest dmg within range limit” “root charging mob” and so on.


But let some players “mutate” behaviours, let them try out new stuff and check which brain mutation performs with the highest dps and lowest rate of being killed (and perhaps fastest to level up while grinding, traveling and questing EXCL socialtime). This mutation will than be dominant for the next level of all (new) the players of this class, if its better than what is present. (this simulates a new “play style” that is adopted by the rest of the community)

If a mutation doesn’t work (ie: performance is worse than default) the player would return to the default brain architecture. Important is that a player that tries out new stuff (ie: is not in default brain mode) would have to be immune to “I keep dying”.

What I bet we would see are very interesting behaviours based on what abilities we give players.

But why should you do that?

Well … first of all because it would give the game even more realism … but more importantly: you would tap into an other crowd: the AI nerds (like me) who are always on the lookout for sandboxes to observe emerging properties … and your game would provide an absurd great sandboy to just do that.

It is a lot to ask … quite frankly perhaps too much. I know. but if you do it … man … I can guarantee you that your game will be mentioned in papers and youtube videos all over. I cant think of any feature that could promote your game any better!