Adventure-Seeking/Exploring Players

One idea for a new player behavior to add some more player variety is “adventure-seeking” or “exploring.” These players would be far more willing to tread off the beaten path, checking out buildings and structures that might not have quests or enemies in them, but are nevertheless interesting to this one random player. It would also create some more randomness to player behavior, much like in traditional MMORPGs, where you can always find some weird player out in the middle of absolute nowhere simply because he/she likes a funny rock or something like that.

This would also give a purpose to creating more barren or wilderness-inspired landscapes in MMORPG Tycoon 2. Right now players tend only to go where it makes logical sense (to the next quest, to the friendly NPC, etc.), but every so often it’s fun to throw in a wide-open area with buildings to explore. The problem is that players don’t tend to explore these places without an explicit quest to do so. For example, I would love to create a sort of end-game boss area completely hidden in a nearby forest. Logically, a player in a MMORPG would stumble upon this eventually and news of it would spread like wildfire to the high-level players who have already completed the rest of the game, but the way MMORPG Tycoon 2 AI works right now, this area would forever remain unexplored and undiscovered unless I create an explicit quest to kill the enemy.


I second this. Great idea!

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Thanks @Sadpianist, I really like this idea too! Will log it for our feedback doc and make sure it’s passed on to the team :slight_smile: