Add a visual sign that a region has been purchased

I have gone through the tutorial again and noticed that
from a zoomed out view especially hard to tell what regions you have purchased.

I think from a closer view its possible to see a little highlight around the edges of the purchased region but from zoomed out its not noticible enoough.

and also is it necessary to be able to zoom out so far?

This is a major concern. I 100% agree with you.

Originally, mountain borders between regions were white. In trying to improve exactly this issue, I changed the mountain borders of unowned regions to black; that was to make it much easier to tell which regions were owned, even from a casual glance.

…but as it turned out, black mountain borders just looked better. I didn’t want to have any white mountain borders anywhere any more, after having seen the black ones. So that plan didn’t fix the issue.

To sort-of help address the issue, most of the tabs of the action bar will constrain the view to be much closer to the ground, and force the camera to look only at owned regions. This isn’t great, particularly when you have non-contiguous owned regions; you have to swap into the ‘Inspect’ mode in order to actually move between regions.

Right now, the difference between an owned and unowned region is very subtle, when you’re not on the ‘Grid’ view; owned regions have a ‘tint’ that changes the colors of things inside the region. Unowned regions have no tint. The subtle ‘highlight’ you’re seeing is actually where the region tint is fading out around the borders of the region, to make a smooth transition into the next region over.

An easy thing I could do would be to apply a strong tint to unowned regions. That’d make it big and obvious.

Another thing which I’ve been wanting to experiment with lately (but which was too big of a change for the Milestone 14 build) was to only draw the owned regions; unowned regions would only be visible in ‘Grid’ view, and would rise up out of the sea once purchased. That might just solve the whole issue.

I like the sound of that solution because its a little more like you are “developing” the world as your mmo grows.

Agreed! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but technically I wasn’t sure how to do it; it’d require rebuilding the game map every frame while terrain was sliding around, so… it stayed in the “nice to have” basket.

…and then literally five days ago, I realised how I could do it. While taking a shower, of course. :wink: I’m looking forward to having some time to prototype it! Those experiments will happen early in the MS14 series of builds.