Add a NPC list and unsub feedback

So I came across an issue where I was finding it hard to remember where all my NPC were and I think it would be a good idea if you could add an NPC list.

Games such as roller coaster tycoon use these lists well and make management of staff a lot easier.

I was also wondering if there could be more feedback in regards to players that unsub. Maybe so many of them could get a "un sub survey that a small percentage would fill " just so that you can get a small idea as to why people are jumping out of the game.

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Yeah, we definitely need both of these things!

I need to add a lot more feedback about why players are doing what they’re doing, just in general. I already have a little list of things I want to do in that regard.

Specifically about unsubscribers, it’s a little tricky. There are currently just five reasons that someone would unsubscribe from the game:

  1. They’ve run out of money and can’t afford the subscription fee. (Players currently never get more money, so eventually they’ll run out and leave. I should probably give players an income at some point, but this hasn’t been a big problem yet.)
  2. You’ve banned them.
  3. They’ve died, and there’s no graveyard for them to respawn at.
  4. Someone’s logging out of the game and their happiness level drops below zero, and their “happiness + addiction” level is also below zero.
  5. Someone’s happiness level drops to -10 at any time for any reason.

Numbers 4 and 5 are the only ones which happen, normally. Note that in the “Player Info Window”, we cap the display of happiness levels between 0 and 5, but Happiness can actually drop as low as -10, and Addiction can drop as low as -15. These are based on good or bad things happening to the player, and they tend to move slowly, based upon sequences of positive or negative experiences.

It would usually be difficult to pin down a single cause for someone unsubscribing, because it will have been a combination of a lot of different things happening.

The original MMORPG Tycoon worked the same way, which is why it tackled the issue by providing a “Top Complaints” report which just said what complaints were being generated the most frequently. The problem with that solution was that it didn’t tell you where those things were happening. Which meant you didn’t know what to do with “the monsters are too difficult” complaints, because you didn’t know where in the game world those complaints were coming from.

For other complaint types, it isn’t obvious what the player can do to fix them. Having a string of bad social interactions (for example) is just something that happens; it’s not immediately obvious what a player can do to try to ‘fix’ that, apart from looking for serial abusers and warning or banning them.

Maybe what the game needs is something like SimCity’s “Pollution” map; a heat-map showing where particular complaints are being generated most frequently. That could be really interesting to generate. I believe I already have all the data I’d need; just need to draw it. :slight_smile:

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A heat map would be an intresting solution. I was thinking along the lines of how rollercoaster tycoon does things but maybe a heatmap is a nicer way.

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I need to go back and play rollercoaster tycoon again; remind myself of how it provided this information!

I feel like showing trends is more important than showing individual cases.

Of course, Theme Park World had an interesting alternate approach. There, they had you actually pick individual people and “interview” them. You could ask them their opinions on various topics. I sort of liked that as a concept, even if it was a little silly.

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Well, most MMO have active community feedback either through forums or surveys. Maybe a way of simulating that.

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One thing that might work is have an average for loot, advancement ect so players can see if one need is really low and can then try and raise the average

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Not a bad thought. We already show the average ‘happiness’ value in the MMORPG Overview screen; wouldn’t take much to show the average values of other AI stats as well! Might need to create a new tab for it, though; not a lot of space left in the current tab page!

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