Above recomended requirement severe lag

hi I love the look of your game so I made a purchase on steam and my pc above whats needed and I had severe lag from the very start even in tuturiol my specs are.

Windows 10 Home
Intel i7- 8700k @ 3.70ghz
Ram = 32 GB
Graphics card = NVIDIA Geforce 1080 ti

i’d like to play the game any advice is welcome

That computer is substantially above any of my development machines; weird that it would be running slow for you, especially during the initial tutorial when there’s nothing happening in the world!

What resolution screen are you running on? I wonder if one of our shader effects is running slowly for you. I’d recommend turning off “SSAO” in the video settings, and if that doesn’t help then also try turning off shadows. Just to see if the performance troubles are GPU-related.

Might be handy to see the log file, as well! That would be in C:\Users\<AccountName>\AppData\Remote\VectorStorm\MMORPG Tycoon 2\log.txt