About the early acess

Okay,This might make some people angry,but really,this is needed
The Early Acess shall not come soon,the game might need to be Delayed
Really,i have so much motives for it
First,there shall be more than one theme,at least 3 would be good (Medieval,Futuristic and other)
As a Beta Tester,i must say that this game still not ready to be released,first we must need to get a completion of the Medieval Theme,also,we must have a Optimization,the loading takes too many time,and it also is needed the sci fi Theme
we must not forgot about how much we need new features
You might be asking:"But why he could’t release over the time"
Well,lets see Youtuber Life as a example,first it were like,a revolution,just see the amount of videos that were made of him,now you don’t see youtuber life in the same quantity of the start,what i mean is that it will Sicken the people (from google translater) the people will stop playing over the time,it just can’t be totally enjoable actually,it needs more time,i would get angry with it if i hadn’t the game,but really,i would understand the game should have more time to be released we just have to get more time for the game,maybe mid or late 2018 would be better (mid would be better for people) They shall have time to finish the game

This game won’t go to Early Access until I feel that it is worth paying money for.

I don’t feel that the game is worth paying money for yet, and this is the reason why it is not in Early Access yet. When I do feel that it is worth money, I will put it up in Early Access.

You are quite welcome to suggest features, and I will consider them. But the decision about when to offer the game for sale will be based upon when I would feel comfortable asking someone to pay money for it, not based upon your personal list of wish-list items.

I’m particularly surprised to see you raising the loading time issue again, as I made a bug fix for that issue nearly a month ago, and you still haven’t replied to my request for you to test again with that fix.

I notice that your CPU has never been reported in my loading time statistics. Have you run the game since that fix went in, last month?

oh ok i will test that