A way to siphon health but give more health to the siphoner?

I’m looking for a way to siphon health in a way that deals less damage to the target than the caster gained. I’ve tried combining siphon health with heal to heal some of the damage dealt to the target, but the player treats it as a healing spell and self-casts it.

I want the character to heal with a spell that damages the enemy, but not nuke the enemy just to heal the player.

Thanks if anyone knows anything.

If you set the attack as a melee attack, can they still use this attack as a heal for themselves?

I believe so. I had it set as a melee and their other ability to be on a long cooldown, and they just sat there, getting hit while self healing. Otherwise it worked when the ability was used on the enemy. (When I controlled them directly)

Haven’t tested this entirely yet, but what about doing: Damage, Heal over Time, and Siphon Health? The game still labels that as an “Attack” so I think the AI will use it correctly. As for the Heal over time, you could set the time really low on it (0.1s is the minimum) so that it is functionally a Heal.
Even if the heal vastly outpaces the damage, its still considered an “Attack” so I think its worth a shot.

I had attempted doing that with damage and heal over time, but the player sat there self-healing themself and not targeting the enemy.

Hm okay, so I just finished testing it. It definitely works, so to be clear this is what I was considering:

3 Effects on the ability:
Heal over Time
Siphon Health

The players I had using this setup would use it as an attack. I had the Heal over time cancel out the damage from the Siphon, then had the “Damage” effect deal less than the Siphon. This way the only net damage is the “Damage” effect. And as long as the Siphon is higher, the player was healing more damage than they dealt.

The only issue is that this does still have nuking potential. Since the Heal over time happens last, the initial damage is both the “Damage” and Siphon added together, even if one is counteracted later.

Edit: There’s actually a much bigger issue. “Protect” effects on monsters causes the damage to be ignored but the Heal Over Time to go through normally, meaning if a monster is using a “Protect” ability, they net more health than the player does from the attack.

Alright, thanks. Once I have the time I will go and test this.

This worked, but in addition, by setting the heal over time to 0.0 seconds, it seems to avoid the nuking potential. I attempted this by setting all 3 to 3 dmg, then when a mob was between 3.1-5.9 hp, the player used the ability, and the mob did not die. When I tried this with a 0.1 seconds for healing over time, the mob did die. Thanks for the help.

Yeah you’re welcome! I’m glad it worked. And I feel a bit stupid for not trying to set the Heal over time to 0, lol. I just figured the game wouldn’t let me. But its really good that it does!