A Role Playing Social, Exploration, and Quests without Monster Zones

I wanted to find out if users are happy to Socialize and do Quests without any Monster Zones in the game so I started Role Playing version with Hugs as Primary and Fluff as Secondary with a bit of Bling.

So basically every zone entrance has an Quest Giver NPC on the side of the road so can be seen easily by everyone entering the zone directing users to visit the Potion shop to stock up on Potions and Shop to sell their Loot, the Tavern to get some Beer, the Inn to get a room and the Blacksmith to get some weapons, that is Quest number 1. A little further up the road in the Quest Giver NPC number 2 sending the user to 5 other quests and a little further is another Quest Giver with 5 more quests. Now admittedly as you can only interact with building and not scenery you need to spend a bit of a money to put Landmarks and Modular Buildings down to send users to investigate them.

Users are happy to run around and pick up quests, go to the target location and hand them in. If you place more Quest Giver NPCs along the way they will pick up more quests. The modular buildings adds to the beauty of the scenery and they provides something for the quest to interact with. I also change Quest Descriptions like to go the Arid Landmark and find the Boots of Quickening…

To keep the warrior cast happy I have also sprinkled Elite Monsters next to roads and very close to the Quest Target buildings so they have something to kill as well as just questing so they can get additional Loot/Gold from the kills. You need to make sure you have balanced the Monster’s Abilities and the Player’s Abilities and don’t just leave them vanilla because some Monsters are much more tough than others and so if they get killed they keep on saying they are getting killed to a point that they will Unsubscribe from the game for. that reason

Looking at the Player’s Stats most of the stats are full red bars including Happiness, Socializing, Addiction, Scenery, and if you add a few points to Loot they get good Loot too.