A request for more fanfare (and maybe expansions?)

I love playing the game, and I love creating detailed story MMOs with it :smiley:, even though most of the story is something in my head (on that note, I would love to be able to write summaries for the world or add some fluff to certain NPCs and write some backstories for them); but I was thinking if it’s possible to add big expansions with more fanfare?
I know raids and world events are on the roadmap (and I honestly can’t wait for them!!), but I wanted to know if it’s possible to make a big region for them (or just make a big region) and then add it as an expansion? With like the same sort of cinematic view that happens when you first make your starting point? Showing off some of the stuff you’ve put in the next region to sort of entice people?

P.S. also I don’t want to start a new topic about it, but I was wondering if it’s possible to add elite NPCs like with monsters. Like this particular NPC quest-giver is more important in this region than the others. Also I’ve seen other people suggest it but I think the idea of NPCs to just populate the area is a good one, but is it possible to add armies of them too? One of my favorite things is to add outposts and military camps in the middle of monster zones, and I populate them with guards but I would like them to have more activities in them and look busier (or more hectic).

Hi Akhamseh88! welcome to the MT2 forums, and for sharing your feedback here! While we currently have everything on our roadmap planned, we’re always gathering feedback to make sure we’re in the know about what players enjoy in the game, and it helps us inform decisions for the future! I’ve logged all your feedback to share it with the team and please feel free to share any more thoughts in the future :slight_smile: It’s great to see folks enjoying the game! :smiley:

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