A list of confirmed features and/or Trello would be wonderful

The current roadmap only gives us a vague idea on what’s being added in the future. We know that dungeons, factions and World events are planned, but we can only guess on what these are actually going to do and how they’ll work. I don’t expect the full bag of tricks to be unveiled, but maybe some smaller features that make up the whole of an update.
The roadmap also doesn’t include updates that aren’t included with the major ones, such as the recent wall and arid building updates.

I’d prefer we had a list of features that’re confirmed to be added before release, whether that be a list akin to Dwarf Fortress’ list of planned/finished features on their website or the usage of a third-party website like Trello, which allows developers to distinguish features that’re planned, finished or are just ideas at the moment(not confirmed). Worldboxand The Isle’s Trellos are both good examples.

Overall I feel this would be a positive to the game. Not only would this improve player feedback on the development of the game, it would also assist potential buyers who’re considering a purchase.

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I agree!

We used to have a huge public Trello board, but once we did the Combat 2.0 update we did a major reorganisation and moved to a whole set of different, more focused Trello boards. These new ones are great for me because I get less distracted as I look at them (since they’re more focused and don’t try to put everything into a single board), but that same thing makes them less useful for players to look at to get an idea of what’s coming down the pipe.

We’re currently in the process of bringing on a new person to think about this kind of stuff, so I’m hoping they help us figure out a reasonable solution which works both for us and for our players!


Thank you for your response! I can certainly understand why you’ve dedicated to several focused Trello boards, as one big unified one like Worldbox informs players on exactly what is and isn’t being worked on, but it has become a bit of a mess to navigate. The Isle developers have done something akin to what you have, making a set of focused Trello boards(with players only able to see the one that’s primarily worked on).

I am curious how you and this new person will approach this and I am very excited to hear that it is in the process of being sorted out!