A great guide for beginners I found very useful when I got started

I have to admit I watched hours and hours of MMORPG TYCOON 2 game play on YouTube when I got interested in the game before buying it and most of the Let’s Play videos were done by those who just got the game themselves and were trying to stream and learn how to play it for the first time which I didn’t find very helpful so I looked for a beginner’s guide to this great game and found one on Steam which was really helpful to me. I read it a couple of times and tried to get as much as could out of it and then started to experiment. I know it is a game but like any other game you have to figure out the dynamics , for each version of the game what makes users happy which is why I also kept on experimenting. What is your goal? Do you want to just make a lot of money or do you want to have happy subscribers? Do you charge real money for the Griffin flight or charge gold or make them free? stuff like that…

Any way here is the guid which I hope you will find as useful as I did to get started. Don’t be afraid to save and experiment, you can always reload your save game!
Steam Community :: Guide :: How TO: MMORPG Tycoon 2 (v0.18.0)


I hope this guide is helpful to those new to the game. I know it was a tremendous help to me when I was new to the game and needed help to better play the game.

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