A game of chance - Chance-based outcomes for abilities

I think it would be really fun if we could add chance based outcomes to abilities. I’ve been wanting to do a luck-based class for a while who can dish out tons of damage but at serious risk to their own health. There are also tons of other scenarios in which chance based outcomes would be really great to have!

Example Abilities:
Coin Flip: Flip the Luck God’s coin and take a risk! 50% chance to receive healing + defense buff, 50% chance to receive more damage.

Scrambling for Health: Have an 80% chance to very quickly inject a healing syringe. You have a 20% chance however to inject a poison syringe instead!

Reload Revolver: 90% chance to restore 6 rage. 10% chance to drop bullets, stunning yourself and restoring 6 rage over 3 seconds.

Summon Demon: Has a 75% chance to summon a friendly demon to aid you for 60 seconds… however, there is a 25% chance to summon a hostile demon instead for 60 seconds.

Prayer: Call upon the Gods’ for aid. 25% to receive healing and buff, 25% to receive healing, 25% to receive buff, 24% to receive nothing, 1% to be SMITED dealing 1000 damage.


Coin Flip
Personally I would have a few different coin flips:

  • Heal or Damage
  • Buff Defence/Attack/Speed or Debuff Defence/Attack/Speed

The Rest
Personally I’m not really interested in the rest as they do not fit the worlds I make, but they’re still good in their own right, although they need some balancing.

These would be awesome! I personally wish there was way more customization for the classes other then just giving them the same abilities and trying to keep them even. But alas I’m not very creative lol.