A few suggestions

Item Customization

It would be cool if we can create and customize loots and give them a rarity percentage. Give the Blacksmith a more interactive use rather than being a required building to plop same as potions and other items. My suggestion is, like the skill/ability customization, we create and design weapons and armors for the subs and even decide its additional dmg points or smthng.

In potions we should have the ability to decide how much of a subs health that will heal instead of just poppin one out and then heal the subs completely; we should have the ability to create level 1 potions, level 2 potions, etc.

And with the upcoming dungeon update, it must be nice to have like a “rare” or “legendary” item that we can also create for subs to have when they complete a dungeon and the percentage of them actually having the rare loots should be decided by us. the players.

and it might even make microtransactions more fun if we have the ability to sell some really good items and weapons for (in game) real money.

Money Dumping

The game is smooth sailing once we reach enough funds to pay back our starting loans and once we reach a million cash it just feels empty.

I suggest we should have the ability to give out cash prizes to subs by having the option to host events in the game like a PvE event or just easter bunny hunting event like in some real mmos.

or even like a WoW esport style event.

it would be funny if a huge number of subs travel and overloaded a region just for dat.

just a suggestion. wat u guys think?

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