A Few small changes that could Massively improve the game

First off, I want to mention that I am staying away from big changes to combat or loot as those would take a long time to implement. I am more focused on the playability and ease of creation within the game, as I believe those are more integral to the overall experience and longevity of the game. Secondly, it is obvious that there are a lot of features missing that I am sure are bound to be implemented such as adding more scenery, dungeons, and more enemy placement variety as there are many empty slots in the UI so I will not be mentioning those.

To put it bluntly, the act of creating a new space or NPC is not great. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ability to do so, and I know more things to further customize NPCs and spaces will be added. However, the process of creating something can be annoying and oftentimes tedious.

Issues with building a space:

  • Terrain height cannot be directly edited which can make creating large structures very annoying when not on perfectly flat ground

  • Grid placement or “snap to grid” is not consistent. Instead of the entire world using one large grid, that grid is offset and centered wherever the object you have selected is when you press snap to grid (I have no clue if this is how this is actually implemented but it is what it feels like). This makes the entire grid entirely useless the moment you leave the object placement menu or change which object you want to place because this grid resets after any of those actions.

  • Modular Buildings have a small limit on size which is very limiting and they also morph the terrain around them for some reason.

  • Objects have no collision at all with the player which makes walls the only way to stop players however, this may be to simply streamline game performance.

Testing site:
Having the ability to test any NPC you create in some sort of testing area while creating it would make creating one much easier as you don’t have to guess how strong a skill is or worry about setting up an entire zone with the correct level parameters simply to test one thing. Having an area outside of the live game so players can test without worrying about any interference would alleviate this issue and allow for a more enjoyable experience when creating NPCs. Additionally having to find a player to test an enemy on is very inconvenient and inconsistent.

Presets, Prefabs:
One of the most annoying, tedious, and time-consuming things to do when creating a new game is to rebuild every NPC and Monster and location just to be able to add what you want. Having more in-depth and complex presets for monsters and classes with full movesets and skills would greatly improve convenience and allow players to interact more with what they enjoy most. For example, some players might love building but don’t want to spend hours and hours creating intricate classes with unique skills and tons of different enemy types. Currently, the only thing they could do is pre-generate all the moves and be left with underwhelming and unbalanced, and poor-quality NPCs. However, with presets, they would be able to enjoy and experience more of what they enjoy and spend less time being frustrated by doing something they dislike. For the sake of balance, these presets might cost in-game money to use and should be expensive to promote exploration of these different systems, but should not require a deep understanding before being able to purchase them. Having presets for towns, cities, and enemy camps would also help those who care more about the combat not have to spend hours building something that is meant to simply house what they really want to interact with.

NPC Player pathing:
This last one is pretty simple, allow quests to block off progress to a zone. For example, player x can’t access this zone until he finishes a specific quest. This will hopefully allow for less crowding and more control over when NPC players can go.

Criticisms aside, I am very hopeful for the future of this game and look forward to seeing what is added next and how this game progresses. I wish everyone on the dev team good luck in achieving this game’s very ambitious goal. :slight_smile:


Personally I think there should be an Elevation tool where you can change the height, and perhaps even a select brush where you can select multiple things to delete.

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