A few first questions

  1. How do you delete things? I’ve tried clicking on the object, going into the “Gen” tab and pressing “destroy” but nothing happens. This includes buildings, questgivers and monster zones.
  2. What causes players to say “It’s too crowded here?”
  3. It seems that no matter how many subscribers there are(currently at 8k), no more than 290 people are logged in at once.
  4. How do I get players to go into the higher level zones? Over 200 players are level 2, and yet the Inn is empty.
  5. There should be an alert that tells you when an Inn has no more vacancies so you know when to build a new one.
  6. Is there a way to place multiple of the same object without having to reselect it on the menu bar?
  7. How do we know what affects happiness levels, and does the happiness level actually do anything?
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  1. The normal way to destroy objects (was intended to be) using the “Destroy” tool; you’ll find one in most of the action bar tabs, all the way over on the right side of the action bar. Select that tool, and then click on the thing you want to destroy. You should be able to destroy buildings, roads, scenery, zones, and NPCs.
    I’ve probably forgotten to wire up the ‘Destroy’ button on the ‘Gen’ tab in many of the “Info Windows”; good catch! Adding that to my list.
  2. Right now, players consider their surroundings once every minute or so. They get a “It’s too crowded here” thought if there are more than 80 other players within 50 meters of them. (Those numbers are, of course, entirely subject to change)
  3. Players log in and out over time; each has a different set of hours that they tend to play in. You’ll definitely tend to have a lot more subscribers than people currently logged in, and there will probably be certain times during the day where there are more players than at other times. But be aware that each region has a 500 person limit; if there are 500 people currently logged in in a region, then more people trying to connect in that region will go into a “login queue”, and won’t actually log in until some people leave or log out. You’ll want to start opening more regions and encouraging people to move out into them before you hit that limit! (The game will warn you when you’re getting close to having this happen)
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