A couple of new Travel options Trevor might consider

What I would love to see Trevor implement is an option similar to Elder Scrolls Online, a portal that will teleport a user not only across the zone but also to other zones. In Elder Scrolls Online you can go to one of these portals and go to any other portal anywhere in the world which makes in very convenient for the user to travel… Each zone is sprinkled with a number of these portals as means of fast travel from one part to another part of the zone.

The Griffin Flights are great but there is a limitation on how far you can place them from each other and this will overcome that limitation.

While speaking on travel options how cool would it be if you can have your level 1 on an Island and then catch a boat to then catch a boat to the main land. This will also provide a means of travelling to any other zone which access to water which would be really convenient for users to get around the world easily

I am sure that there have been discussions of mounts elsewhere, so to buy a mount from a Stable but not only a user to be able to buy it but also increase attributes like speed of the mount and Stamina of the mount on how far it can travel before slowing down? I am sure Trevor being a long time game developer has been thinking of all these but how awesome would it be to see them implement!


Portals sound like a great idea! Even beyond just super fast transportion across the map for players, it’d be great for MMO narratives such as a portal to another dimension, like in MMOs such as WoW. Also, boats and mounts are both already planned! I’ve been wanting to make some island zones too, but I’ve been holding off until Boats are finally added.

I am really enjoying the game and am looking forward to see what Trevor has for us as they become available. I have just posted a save file with 20 zones, almost 6 millions in cash and almost 48k users. I look forward new updates to add to my current game.

Meanwhile I will keep on experimenting to see how I cash keep my subscribers happy!

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