6/9/2020 Game Feedback

I want to preface this by saying the I think this game can go places. I love what’s currently in the game, but that’s the problem. The game is perfect and it is obviously a labor of love. I know a very small dev team is working on this so most of my input is probably not realistic but i’m gonna post it anyway.

  • This game needs the ability to have dungeons and raids where you can design the bosses and their abilities just like the classes. I think this would make the game feel more complete. The ability to customize and name the raids would make them feel more unique.

  • I would like the see what is making me get negative and positive buzz. In my option it should be a bit clearer to tell whats effecting the public’s opinion of the game

-Hub cities. I wish that I would specify a hub area in the middle of the map for players to socialize. It’s kinda annoying having huge clusters ll over the map. I also with I could name my towns but thats just my inner wow player talking

-Maybe more aesthetic options. it would be really cool if i could theme area’s of my MMO with cyberpunk area or a steampunk area

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I’ve seen several times people bring up parties, guilds, raids, and dungeons being missing or would be nice to have. I’m posting a link to the roadmap, because it is planned.

A breakdown of what is feeding into the negative and positive buzz would be a very nice quality of life addition. I can’t imagine it would be left out when the game is finished. I can see how might not be a low hanging fruit type of addition. The dev is juggling bug fixes and from the current state of the roadmap parties.

If I had to guess I’d say raids would fall under one of two categories depending on how you see it invision it and how the dev intends it, which may not be the same thing. The parties going into a dungeon may or may not allow for larger parties or multiple parties groups together in dungeons we’ll have to see after dungeons is done. On the road map Factions most likely refers to factions as in how it was done in Darkage of Camelot, if your not familiar you should look it up, where players can have N number of factions each with thier own starting points maybe classes. Factions could also be the envisioning of guild pvp. We’ll have to wait until were closer to find out.

As with all development just because a section on the roadmap is done now that doesn’t mean it will be circled back around to after work on a later section has begun. The game is still early access, lets see what good stuff the developer has in store.