5120x1440 Resolution is not Functional

Full screen mode (default) at a native resolution of 5120x1440 is not functional.:
Crash no:
Platform Windows 10
Description: By default, the game launches in full screen mode from Steam. When the native resolution is 5120x1440 the game menu is only partially displayed (maybe the lower left corner?). In addition the mouse is not active and nothing is selectable or usable. The only apparent option is to alt-f4. The workaround I employed was set my native resolution to 2560x1440 and launch the game. In this case the menu was accessible and I was able to change the game to windowed mode. After this, switching the native resolution back to the original values allows the game to run in the window correctly. Maybe there are launch options to set it to windowed mode or set a default resolution?

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There isn’t a launch option to set to windowed mode or a default resolution, but there absolutely should be!

What does exist is an “alt-enter” key combo to toggle between fullscreen (or fullscreen window) and windowed. Hopefully that could also be used to get out of that situation!

I’m going to look into this really soon. I really need a 4k monitor! :smiley: