0.19.74 Patch Feedback

Just played the newest patch. Here are my thoughts:

  • I love the new class save system. Absolutely fantastic. I would love to see something similar for spell presets.
  • I had two crashes and was able to figure out exactly what the problem is (it’s an error when attempting to connect quest givers across two zones prior to actually starting the game), but I wasn’t able to submit that via the “report bug” popup that occurs when you reload. It just asks permission to “submit data”. Let me tell you what went wrong with a 500 character text box.
  • I still vehemently think that “buildings” should be grouped by style so I only need to go to one place to get my “coastal” potion shop, inn, tavern, etc.
  • If I click on an NPC and then move the camera, after a few seconds it jerks back to the NPC. This annoys me and, more importantly, is I would assume a resource hog. If I need to jump back to a unit, let me just click either a “track” button or a “find” button to activate this feature.
  • You’ve got a button for “quest giver”, “guard”, and “trainer”. If you had one button for “NPC” and then a sub-menu to switch that NPC to “quest giver”, “guard”, and “trainer”, that would free up some HUD space.
  • I feel like a single “scenery” button with a search box would simplify that menu–assuming I could type in “plant” and get all the plants in addition to typing in “carrot” to get the orange root plant.
  • I think there should be a toggle in any one “grid” to switch between “free-to-play areas” and “subscription-only” areas so we can make free-to-sub games.
  • When I left-click in a random spot to make the GUI go away, that grid’s info panel pops up. This should be a right-click instead of a left-click feature.
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Can I add on to this with one more thing?
Flight paths and vehicles, as of this update, seem to be a bit broken and will, on some occasions, not let me edit the path and just place the object down.


I also need to add that “Focus” is hard-coded to the “F” key. If we change the keybindings to use “F” as something else, it causes chaos.