0.12.40 Feedback

Got to say love the ability to have information on many different players, definitely an improvement however the way it handles offline players needs some work in my opinion as the game shows that the player is idling and when you focus on the player it takes you to their logoff location and shows the player name as offline?? Rather than idling it should say offline and where is says offline i think it would be better to retain the users name or prehaps something like unsubscribed in instances where the player has left the game for good.

As you mentioned the gameplay time is too slow at the moment. I think its fine for general play but maybe like other games allow several diffrent speeds with the current speed being the first after being paused.

I agree with all your comments.

Today I was experimenting with a 100x speed setting. So you have pause, play, 10x speed, and 100x speed. 100x speed may be a little silly, but it’s a possibility (although it can hit the CPU a bit, if you have a lot of simulated entities in the world). Unless I make further changes between now and then, the 100x speed will be in the next build.

I also feel like the “one simulated day is 12 real hours long” was heavily over-correcting. Previously, one simulated day was 12 real minutes long, and I jumped straight to 12 real hours; I kind of suspect that 1 real hour would be more sensible. If a player has a “6 simulated hours” playtime, and a day is 1 real hour long, that’s 15 real minutes of playtime… which should be enough to actually accomplish some things. Certainly it’s a lot better than the 2-3 minutes of playtime that they got back in 0.12.39! :smiley:

Another option would be to simply remove the whole “log in, log out” mechanic, and make time more abstract. Logging in and out is something that players of course do in the real world, but maybe it isn’t important for us to actually simulate it explicitly?

In any case, I really need to clean up the handling of offline players; you really shouldn’t be able to “focus” on them or otherwise select them until they’ve logged back in. Similarly, I feel like there should be somewhere where you can see a scrolling list of all your subscribers. And you should be able to “favourite” some of them, and receive notifications when particular things happen to them (probably just login/logout and level up). That’s all a little further down in my list, but I feel like that will make a big difference.

Next big thing on my list is to add a similar custom “info” window for buildings, and then for regions. The “info” window for buildings should expose some editable values, so that you can set prices, etc. And the one for regions will be where broad region editing will be available. Hoping to put those together within the next few days.

Would it be possible to simulate 1 day for ultra fast mode and then just cal values so you got something like new players evryday +Playercount x Avrage spending for fast simulation

My favourite example here is SimAnt, which was a Maxis game from 1991, in which you sort of controlled an ant colony, in a war between a colony of black ants and a colony of red ants.

The way it worked is that you controlled a local group of ants in one particular part of a “world map” (which usually represented a countertop, or a front yard, or etc); yours was just a tiny patch of ground within it. And you controlled only one ant out of the colony, but your own actions could affect things. (And if you died, you took over control of another ant from the colony).

The problem with the game was that they used two different AI routines for the ants; one for the ants which were in the patch of ground that you were in, and a different one for the ants in a different patch of ground. So the easy way to win the game was to spread a colony, and then never look at it; you just take over your local patch of ground the hard way, and then just remain there in the empty map, with time advancing as quickly as possible, and the AI for the ant wars in patches you weren’t looking at would win the rest of the game for you. Because in the patch you were looking at, you had to play well and struggle to win. In the patches you weren’t looking at, your side virtually always won.

I worry that any “ultra fast mode” thing which changed the way that the simulation ran would introduce that same problem into MMORPG Tycoon 2; that your best strategy would involve the speed you set the clock to, instead of the way you built your game.

Of course, if we run the simulation exactly the same way, just faster (say, not rendering as many frames. Applying animation to all the on-screen characters is usually one of the biggest costs in the simulation right now, so if we didn’t have to do that, the simulation could probably run a lot faster…)