Non-Secret Testing   Bugs - Fixed

Terrain icons in wrong place (5)
Developers aren't fixing bug (6)
Failed assertion Crash on mmo creation (4)
Players wont go/Aren't able to go to new zone (14)
Closing the game during loading games crashes (5)
Tutorial doesn't continue after you exit the game (2)
Shop/Blacksmith prices revert to 0 upon reload (2)
Placing multiple scenery buildings (9)
Lighting bug with networking items (4)
Region Number Impossible to identify (3)
Placing Terrain Removes Buildings (6)
Monster area Not visable (16)
Shift + £ causes crash (8)
A Delay in the loading screen? (15)
Infinite MMO Names (5)
Save Game Crash (3)
Failed assertion error opening file (7)
Failed assertion tried to open directory as plain text (4)
Placing " in the MMORPG Name crashes the game (3)
Crash on Windows if game name ends in a space (1)
Save Button missing on first save (4)
Faint traces of mmo title. UI bug? (4)
Slow loading on Windows (2)
Request Make auto generated MMO Name editable (2)
Crash while placing a Inn (3)
Get 5 players to level 2 not completing (12)
Mountains look a little strange from a high position (6)
Tutorial active even when unchecked (1)
Roads dip at intersection (3)
Network cant keep up with fast forward (3)