Non-Secret Testing

Bugs - Closed Reported bugs which are not bugs, or which will not be fixed, get moved into here to get them out of the 'Bugs' category. Bugs - Fixed I'll move bugs over into this category once they've been fixed. Bugs Every piece of software contains bugs. Even MMORPG Tycoon 2. Report any bugs you encounter, here!
About the Non-Secret Testing category [Non-Secret Testing] (1)
Gui Windows go black when moved to certain locations [Bugs] (2)
Players are being trapped at a point on the road [Bugs - Fixed] (2)
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Subscribers disappearing after entering in a region [Bugs - Fixed] (4)
Ghost / freezed & very big users [Bugs - Fixed] (5)
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Game not starting in fullscreen [Bugs - Fixed] (12)
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The Level 2 Hangout [Bugs - Fixed] (7)
Approve Buff on Class Resets Stats [Bugs - Fixed] (2)
-1 Known, unfixed bugs [Bugs] (2)
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Finance screen says (unset) [Bugs - Fixed] (1)
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Black sea around island [Bugs] (4)
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Terrain lifted/lowered removed on load [Bugs - Fixed] (15)
Error when deleting SetDressing [Bugs - Fixed] (3)